Information for Patients

After almost 50 years of providing Complementary, Alternative and Integrative healthcare to the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro area, due to a variety of factors, including the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have sadly decided to close our doors.

If you have been a patient of the Schachter Center:

We have secured Iron Mountain, a HIPAA-compliant document storage facility, to store and fulfill requests for medical records. Please contact Iron Mountain directly with all medical record requests. They will guide you as to what forms need to be completed to have your records released:

Iron Mountain Release of Information
11333 E. 53rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80239

Phone: 303-373-5764
Fax: 303-576-6874

Please note: New York State law generally requires that a medical practice keep patient records for 6 years.  Thus, records from before April of 2014 may no longer be available.
Keep in mind, all patients were given a copy of laboratory reports at each visit. Furthermore, patients who saw Dr. Schachter received copies of office notes, laboratory reports, and their supplement/medication lists at each visit. Many patients have most of their medical records due to the above steps our practitioners have taken to ensure that you have pertinent information after each visit.

Many of the supplements that have been prescribed for you are available from other sources. Check the supplement labels for manufacturer phone numbers. Many practitioner-only brands such as Xymogen can be purchased from compounding pharmacies such as Town and Country Compounding in Ridgewood, NJ as well as Life Science Pharmacy in Monroe, NY.

If you have been a patient of the Schachter Center, please click on the following link to see a list of referrals to help you to investigate another source of CAIM to continue your care. List updated 9-16-2020

Referral List