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An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer


The book guides you through the safest and most effective treatment alternatives known today. Learn how leading practitioners use herbs, nutrition and diet, supplements, oxygen, enzymes, glandular extracts, homeopathic remedies, plus specialized substances such as Ukrain, Essiac, Carnivora, Iscador, 714X, shark cartilage, and many others to prevent and reverse cancers.  See the proof of treatment success in 55 documented patient case histories demonstrating how alternative approaches to cancer can make the difference between life and death.

Dr. Schachter wrote Chapter 18 (pp. 348-391) detailing The Schachter Center's general treatment approach to cancer.

1116 pages, hardcover

This book is no longer "in print", but may still be available from various booksellers, new and used.


Important Note: You are encouraged to seek the advice of a competent medical professional
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