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Schachter Center Dispensary

For the convenience of our patients, our center dispensary carries all the  specific nutritional products and dietary supplements that have been prescribed by our practitioners.

The dispensary can be the last stop on one's visit to the center, or to save a trip when refills are needed, supplements can be ordered by phone and shipped.

SANDRA M. DAVIS manages our dispensary, Sandra M Davis is the center's purchaser, the IS manager, and is also our resident Reiki Master. She has been with the Schachter Center for over twenty years.  

DAVE REED cheerfully fills all our patients' supplement prescriptions and makes sure that all mail orders and incoming vendor shipments are speedily processed. 

Extra help when needed comes by way of LAUREN PARAHUS who is also the center's bookkeeper.

Some Center recommended items can be ordered on the web:

To order Mannatech items on the web, go to the Mannatech order page.

To order Juice Plus+ products on the web, go to the Juice Plus+ order page.

To order all other Schachter Center Dispensary items, patients can call:  (845) 368-4700, ext. 145, or e-mail:  store@mbschachter.com placing "supplement order" in the subject line.

Dispensary Hours:  Mon.-Thurs.: 9-5; Fri.:  9-4; Open two Saturdays per month (call for details).





Recommended books by our center practitioners!


Important Note: You are encouraged to seek the advice of a competent medical professional
before making any decisions that could affect your health. See our disclaimer.

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